The database CD-Emigrant
Swedish emigration 1869-1950 (EMIHAMN), based on passenger lists, comprises the names of approximately 1.4 million emigrants, embarking from the major Swedish ports Göteborg 1869-1950, Malmö 1874-1950, Stockholm 1869-1950, Norrköping 1859-1919, Helsingborg 1899-1930 and Kalmar 1880-1893. The register includes information on name, relationship, occupation/title (only available for 1/5), age at the time of emigration, birthplace or place of residence, county, destination, date of emigration, volume indicator for the police chamber archive, and number of the emigration contract. When relationship is not explicitly indicated, persons with the same number of the emigration contract is denoted as travelling companions.
The information is collected from the police chamber archives in each of the cities and the register has been compiled at the Provincial Archives in Göteborg - a regional branch of the Swedish National Archives - under direction of former regional archivist Gösta Lext and archivist Per Clemensson. The excerption of the handwritten sources started 1967 and continued to 1976, whereby a typed and microfilmed alphabetical card register was created. The transmission of the register to data media started in 1988 as a separate project between the Provincial Archives in Göteborg and the Kinship Center in Karlstad. The passenger lists of Kalmar has been initiated by the Swedish Emigrant Institute in Växjö and computerized by Mr Bertil Grundström of Tranås.
Start year: 1869
End year: 1950
Location: Sweden

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